A Talented Bulletin: Wise Women

On Thursday the 27th of May, the ladies of the Gifted and Talented Program, from Years 8 to 10 attended the Wise Women event held at Murdoch University.

It was a very insightful and interesting experience which showed us all the different career pathways involving STEM.

We first started off our day with a PowerPoint presentation by a Year 11 student, she showed us her experiences in STEM and what she has achieved at a very young age. We then explored the wonderful Murdoch University campus, our favourite spot being the in campus IGA. We attended 2 workshops throughout the day, the first being a science-related workshop about food webs and food chains, the second being a forensic science case study. We completed the complex food chain with help from the wonderful student ambassadors at Murdoch University.

Our next workshop was the forensic science case study, in this activity, we had to find the murderer in a cold case and prove the innocence of the suspect. Our groups were very fast and efficient at finding the killer.

To finish off the day, we attended a Q&A with 4 panel guests. We were given the chance to ask questions about their careers in STEM and for advice if we were wanting to pursue a STEM-based career. This experience was very insightful as we got to learn more about Murdoch University, the courses they have, as well as all the different types of jobs in STEM.

The event was very helpful to many of us, as some of our students will be choosing their subjects for Senior School next year. As for the rest of us, we now have many ideas on future career ideas and more knowledge about life after school.

The Wise Women event is something many of us would love to attend again.

Written by Year 8 Students Aeryn Wood & Farah Marcellus