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Reason to be at School

Youth Drop In City of Melville

The City of Melville host a variety of free fun ‘drop in’ after school activities for young people. To sign up, please download and fill in this form.

Alcohol for Teenagers

There is increasing evidence about the effect alcohol has on the developing brain. As a parent, you can provide your child with information about these effects and support them in avoiding alcohol for as long as possible, particularly during their school years. Information and communication on the subject of alcohol provides us with the opportunity to help our children reach their full potential.

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Melville Senior High School parents are encouraged to become well informed on issues that affect students through issues of Parenting Ideas and the Cybersafety website. See the latest issues and articles below.

Cybersafety information Website
(includes information on: cyberbullying, e-security, inappropriate or offensive content, mobile phones, netiquette, sexting, social networking, unwanted contact)

Resiliency Robbers

This article outlines 7 common parenting practices (such as rescuing kids from stretch situations) that rob children and young people of resilience. A must for schools with a resilience agenda is below

Good Girl, Interrupted

In this thought-provoking article Parenting ideas journalist Karen Fontaine opens a can of worms and asks “Is praise good for girls?” With girls’ well-being currently in the spotlight, this will help parents stay up-to-date with current thinking

The Art of Sparenting

Modern parenting has seen the rise of the uber-parent … the parent who does it all! Well move over uber-parent and make room for sparents. They have a role to play too.

Make the Most of Teachable Moments

How they cope will be determined by their resilience and the mindsets of the significant adults around them.

Parenting Ideas Issue 18