School Board

There are a variety of positions up for nomination on the School Board this year. Each position carries a two-year tenure. Please read the following small biographies of parents who have nominated for a position on the Board.

Voting opens on Friday 26 March 2021 and closes Friday 9 April at 5:00pm. All nominees will then be informed of the relevant outcomes of the vote in the first week back of Term 2.

Each Melville SHS family has ONE vote. Please refer to the Connect notice for the link to vote.

Nominee Profiles

Our five nominees are:

1. Michelle Anderson

My name is Michelle Anderson and am a mother of three children, two of which attend Melville Senior High School.  I have lived in the Melville area for more than twenty years. During this time, I have undertaken various committee roles at primary school and local community groups including P&C and sporting clubs.

I am passionate about giving all students support for their learning experience at Melville.  It is important to me for everyone to be heard and be able to resolve matters pertaining to our high school in a consultative matter. By being involved and having input on the MSHS Board I am hoping to positively influence the representation of parents and carers of students at Melville Senior High School.

2. Peter Best

I am expressing my interest in serving on the School Board at MSHS. I have a strong commitment to the values of good education, today and tomorrow. My interests are in education for disadvantaged groups, inclusion, values in education, care for our environment and the promotion of excellence.

I serve our community as Treasurer for MSHS P&C, Justice of the Peace and in our Rotary Club. My previous Board experiences are at the Royal Association of Justices, at Bicton Primary School, as an elected City Councillor and at sporting clubs. I have degrees in Science and Management and own a local business. I have worked for several years on aid projects in developing countries and for BHP in WA.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you and others contributing to the performance of Melville Senior High School, making a difference in the lives of many.

3. Brendon Bleakley

I have strong belief that every child deserves the opportunity to attend an effective school within their local area. I have over 10 years’ experience as a public school leader in a variety of contexts with a particular focus on improving outcomes for students with diverse needs. I am a member of the Developmental Disability WA Board, have completed my Masters of School Leadership at UWA and I have been on the Melville School board for the past two years. I’m keen to continue my contribution to the Melville SHS School Community. 

4. Nick Emeljanow

I believe in excellence and for all students to succeed, however that looks for them and their family.

I have many years’ experience of public education as a collaborative and constructive committee member.

I’m currently treasurer of a P&C (3 years).

I served on the Bicton Primary School board for seven years, with three as chair. Major achievements were planning and introducing the first business plan based on ‘Success for all students’, starting the Fathering Project, and promoting hand hygiene and cough etiquette for the younger years. Recently I worked with others to persuade the PTA to schedule a school bus service for kids in Bicton and Attadale

I can bring to the Board a mix of project and risk management skills, strategic thinking and a focus of supporting Melville SHS kids to be confident and able to deal with the challenges ahead.

5. David Liddy

My family & I joined the MSHS community when our youngest started Year 7 after graduating from Caralee CCS.  After living in the City of Melville for the last 9 years & much of the last 25 years I’ve got a good perspective on the local community and it’s opportunities and challenges.  I hope to help MSHS & the board be successful using my 25 years of resources industry leadership skills, including having sat on industry JV boards.  I have some appreciation of the challenges schools and teachers face beyond being a parent having worked as a High School Maths Teacher in the USA.  In addition to my professional skills I have served in a number of community organisations, including being a Scout Leader (Willagee-Kardinya Scouts) & over 10 years volunteering with the State Emergency Service.