Please feel free to call our Administration office between the hours of 8am – 4pm on:

Phone: (08) 6274 1300

Address: Melville Senior High School – Potts Street, Melville, Western Australia 6156


or by using the form below:

To alert the school of your child’s absence, please use one of the following numbers.

Please include the child’s name, year, and reason for absence.

Absentee Hotline (Recorded Message): 08 6274 1322

or by using the form below:

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Student Services exists to provide support to students, staff and parents in order to facilitate the academic, social, psychological, physical and vocational development of students to help them become capable and happy young adults.

Student Services Office
08 6274 1321

Absentee Hotline (Recorded Message)
08 6274 1322

Deputy Principal Student Services
Mr Chris Gill:

Student Services Manager (Senior School Years 10-12)
Mr Sam Glazbrook:

Student Services Manager (Middle School Years 7-9)
Mr Tim Basile:

Coordinator of Year 7
Ms Georgina Sobejko:

Coordinator of Year 8
Mr Nathan McKenzie:

Coordinator of Year 9
Mr Brett Cooper:

Coordinator of Year 10
Mr Adam Henry:

Coordinator of Year 11

Mr Rowan Gerrard:

Coordinator of Year 12
Mr Russell Dymock:

Community Health Nurse
Ms Tierney Whelan:

VET & Transition Coordinator
Mr Luca Berardini:

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer
Mrs Michelle Kickett:

Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs Linda Raffaele:

School Chaplain
Ms Dale Langenbach
Mr Fletcher Heyward

School Psychologist
Ms Sheldyn Garnaut
Ms Peta Blevins

Principal Kylie Bottcher
Deputy Principals
Strategic & Operational Planning Samantha Steele
Senior School (Year 10-12) Theo Gummery
Middle School (Year 7-9) Kylee Coonan
Student Services Chris Gill
Year Coordinators
Year 7 Georgina Sobejko
Year 8 Nathan McKenzie
Year 9 Brett Cooper
Year 10 Adam Henry
Year 11 Rowan Gerrard
Year 12 Russell Dymock
International Fee-Paying Students Deb Bewley
Literacy & Numeracy Heather Anderson
Corporate Services Rachael Ainge
Vocational Ed & Transition George Tills
IEC Taziana Leunig
Marketing & Communications Joseph Lana
Student Services Senior School Sam Glazbrook
Student Services Middle School Tim Basile
Heads of Learning Area (HOLA) 
Arts David Anderson
Technologies Raymond Barton
English & Languages Nupur Davis
Mathematics Simone Rigelsford
Health and Physical Education Craig Smith
Science Andrew Maccan
Humanities and Social Sciences Luca Berardini
Teachers in Charge
Gifted & Talented Christina Garza
Languages Francesca Candaten
Aviation Graham McGinn
Graphic Design Media Sam Cavallaro 
Music in Focus Pia Nidd
Netball Taryn Smith
MLP Marina Gaskell
Emergency Service Cadets Joanne Daley

Individual teacher emails can be found on Connect. More information on Connect is HERE

Main Office
6274 1300

Absentee Hotline (messages only)
6274 1322

SMS Absentee Hotline (text only)
0419 915 097

Email Absentee Hotline

Student Services
6274 1321

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