Melville SHS Public School Review – Performance Significantly More than Expected

The Department of Education Public School Accountability directorate reviews all WA Schools every three years. The Principal provides the review team with a self-assessment of the school’s performance based on the evidence gathered by the principal and staff. This information is validated (or not) by the review team.

While the review team use an overall two-stage performance rating of “effective” or “needs improvement” each of the six (6) review areas is rated on a five (5) point scale.

The highest rating is Evidence suggests that performance is significantly more than expected”.

We are delighted to note that in the latest review, conducted in May 2019, Melville SHS received the following rankings for each of the six (6) review areas. The review team validated the following ratings:

  • Leadershipperformance is significantly more than expected.
  • Relationships & Partnershipsperformance is significantly more than expected.
  • Student Achievementperformance is significantly more than expected.
  • Teacher Qualityperformance is significantly more than expected.
  • Learning Environmentperformance is significantly more than expected.
  • Use of Resourcesperformance is significantly more than expected.

While this is a very pleasing confirmation of what we do at Melville SHS, we never stop striving to provide the best possible education to all of our students.

To view the report, please open the link via the button below.

Read the 2014 IPS Review

Since 2012, Melville SHS has had Independent Public School (IPS) status. We remain part of the public school system but have greater control over the overall governance of our school. Using a one-line budget, we can employ the staff we consider best suited to the current and emerging needs of our students. We have greater autonomy to manage our own affairs and develop the strategies and functions that best cater to our community and, above all, our students.’

The school has a three-yearly IPS Review. The findings were fantastic and are well worth reading if you would like an overview of the school and the great things that are happening at all levels.