About the Program

The Academic Extension Course (AEC) at Melville Senior High School offers students from Years 7 to 10 a highly diverse range of extended academic opportunities to match a child’s excelling academic potential. Year 7 students accepted into the program study Mathematics, Science, English and HASS together. Students in the Academic Extension Course study their core subjects together for four hours weekly.

Entry into these AEC subjects in Years 8 to 10 depends on achievement in each subject in the year prior.

Academic Extension students make up the top mainstream class in each year group. The program aims to extend and challenge students whilst progressing with course topics according to curriculum and preparing students for senior school tertiary subjects. Many Specialist Program students are also in this Academic Extension Course stream.

The Academic Extension Program is a school-based program, and students are selected through a school-run test. This process is different to the Gifted and Talented program, which is selected and run externally by the Education Department on a state-wide basis. Academic Extension can be a part of your child’s pathway to success in developing the whole student.

Application and Enrolment

To gain entry to the Academic Extension course, students are required to sit one test for entry to all Specialist and Focus courses in years 5 or 6 (those who sit the test in year 5 do not have to resit in year 6). The test consists of writing, general aptitude and mathematics. The test requires no prior study. Although not a requirement, many students in the Academic Extension Course also choose to apply for a specialist program as the test is ‘all in one’. To view the Specialist and Focus Program Prospectus please follow the link here HERE.