The Culture of STEM at Melville Senior High School

The potential of great STEM education is an ongoing focus for Melville SHS. With a growth-mindset culture, Melville SHS identifies strategies to foster a positive learning environment for all its students to develop into confident, resilient and innovative lifelong learners, linked to priorities and targets in the School Business Plan.

Melville SHS strives to utilise the skills and strategies of STEM across Learning Areas and leverages the power of technology to support successful learning outcomes. Melville SHS staff plan for authentic and appropriate STEM activities and students learn how to use the 4 C’s of 21st Century learning – Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creativity for targeted activities and as required across the curriculum. Melville SHS recognises that learning is most powerful when students are empowered to explore concepts, have the skills to utilise technology available to construct knowledge and understanding and innovate solutions themselves.

Melville is a System Leader for STEM Teacher Development

Melville SHS has been recognised for its efforts in developing a culture of STEM by being selected as one of four metropolitan schools to be a STEM Pre-service Teacher Hub. Pre-service teachers elect to come to Melville SHS to experience and develop great STEM practices. Pre-service teachers will have the opportunity to attend five professional learning events at Melville SHS, train with excellent STEM educators when on practicum. For more information on professional teacher development, please view the following link by clicking here.

Professional Learning Opportunities Offered at Melville Senior High School

For all WA University Students including The University of Notre Dame Australia, Curtin University, The University of Western Australia, Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University.

To book into a professional learning session, please follow the according buttons below. These professional learning experiences are open to all practicum students in WA, not only Melville SHS elected individuals.

Governor’s STEM Secondary School Award Winner 2019

This award was recognition and celebration of the excellence in leadership, advocacy, engagement and achievements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at Melville.

‘The Awards support the Western Australian Government’s State STEM skills strategy by highlighting the importance of developing a whole-of-school STEM culture, where STEM learning is embraced by the school principal, leadership team and teachers with a resulting positive impact on students, parents and the community.’

Australian Education Awards Best STEM Program 2020 Finalist

Melville SHS was part of a select group of finalists selected in 2020 to be recognised by the Australian Education Awards which has been acknowledged as the leading independent awards event in the K-12 education sector.

Melville is STEM-Sational!

Students at Melville SHS participate in a wide range of activities that meet the targets of STEM thinking and growth mindset. Some examples include:


Melville SHS continues to expand its STEM offerings thanks to its many established partnerships. Melville SHS staff utilise the support and opportunities available through our links with Curtin University STEM Outreach program, Edith Cowan University Physical Education Studies and Murdoch University.