My Melville

Below you will find all relevant information relating to the day to day life of a Melville student including canteen information, uniform details, and bell times.


Academy extracurricular groups photos are available for purchase through Academy for the next 6 months. To purchase, please click the button below and enter the access key: N8S3AU87 

If you require assistance, please contact Academy.

Megabites Canteen

The canteen is open to purchase food from at recess and lunch everyday. Please click below to see both the everyday menu, and the special diet menu.

Note: The special diet consideration menu is ONLY available through pre-order online or in the morning before school.

Ordering Online

The link for the online system is

  • You simply follow the prompts to create a parent’s account and link it to Melville Senior High School
  • There is an option to give your child access (if you wish), with a daily spend limit as an option
  • Load funds onto the account (credit card and Paypal fees apply), then browse the menu and place your order for recess and/or lunch before 9 am (NB “greyed-out” items means that those items are not available on that day of the week.)
  • Your child will only need to go to the canteen to collect their order.
  • There is no fee as the Canteen and P&C are absorbing the charge.

The website is also smartphone friendly, so the kids can order their lunch while they are on the bus and orders can also be placed days in advance if required. (prices are subject to change).

Excursions and Payments

Melville SHS is updating the systems used for School Payments and Excursion Information Collection. Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is the new payment system being implemented across schools. The app makes payments for school activities convenient and easy at the touch of a button. Consent2Go is making Excursion planning, approval and execution easier from School to home as it removes the middle step of students losing excursion documentation by transferring this information online.


For instructions on downloading the Qkr! app to your phone, please follow the button below.

To open the Qkr! website, please click here:


The Consent2Go link can be found on our homepage, alternatively please follow the link below.

To open the Consent2Go website, please click here: