My Melville

Below you will find all relevant information relating to the day-to-day life of a Melville student including bell times and getting to school.


Excursions and Payments

Melville SHS is updating the systems used for School Payments and Excursion Information Collection. Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is the new payment system being implemented across schools. The app makes payments for school activities convenient and easy at the touch of a button. Consent2Go is making Excursion planning, approval and execution easier from School to home as it removes the middle step of students losing excursion documentation by transferring this information online.

Bell Times

School commences at 8:40 am and concludes at 3:00 pm.
On Tuesdays, school concludes at 2:30 pm.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday bell times are as follows:
School Start: 8:35 am
Session 1: 8:40 am
Session 2: 9:40 am
Recess: 11:00 am
Session 3: 11:30 am
Session 4: 12:30 pm
Lunch: 1:30 pm
Session 5: 2:00 pm
End of Class: 3:00 pm

**Please note: Tuesday bell times differ from the rest of the week.

Tuesday bell times are as follows:
School Start: 8:35 am
Session 1: 8:40 am
Session 2: 9:40 am
Recess: 10:40 am
Session 3: 11:10 am
Session 4: 12:05 pm
Lunch: 1:00 pm
Session 5: 1:30 pm
End of Class: 2:30 pm

School Traffic and Parking

With increasing student numbers, parking in the Melville Senior High School area can be difficult. It is encouraged that parents simply drop their children off, rather than parking for extended periods of time during a drop-off peak hour. Please note that the staff car parks are not to be used for student drop off / pick up at any time.

Parents who drop off:

  • If you drive along Leach Hwy, consider dropping students south in Winnacott St at the overpass. Students must use the footbridge and you can avoid the traffic in Potts St.
  • If you drive via Marmion St, make the drop off a few blocks from the school to avoid traffic just outside the school.
  • The staff car park CANNOT be entered to drop students at school.
  • Encourage walking, cycling or taking a bus.

Drop off & Pick up

Please see the map below for drop off / pick up destinations.

Taking the Bus

Many students use the public transport system to get to school given Melville Senior High School being located close by to many bus and train stations. Most of the buses drop the students outside the school or at the overpass so there is minimal danger regarding crossing roads.

SmartRiders make taking public transport cheaper and easier. They are a pre-paid card that can be used to ‘tag on’ to any form of Transperth transport. A SmartRider Application is HERE

Popular bus departure stations for Melville students are:

  • Fremantle Station
  • Bull Creek Station
  • Munster
  • Canning Bridge, Como
  • Kwinana/Spearwood (Connects with bus from Munster)

Information on routes and timetabling can be found at Transperth. Click HERE


  • Bike racks are available within school grounds, gated during school hours for security.
  • Please remind students to ride safely and follow road rules.