About the Program

Melville Senior High School conducts one of only four Aviation Specialist programs in WA. Acceptance into the Aviation program is for six years from Years 7 to 12. The course caters for those seeking a career in aviation, science or engineering to other aviation-related pursuits. The course takes place in a purpose-built Aviation Centre within the school. When students aren’t learning in the Aviation Centre, they are in the skies above Perth participating in the flight program. As both Aviation Speciality teachers are qualified teachers, it means that learning is not limited to the traditional setting. Melville Senior High School is currently the only school within Western Australia with two full-motion flight simulators, enhancing the schools reputation as a leader within this field of study.

In keeping with the theme, the Future of Aviation, Melville Senior High School is the first to conduct training for the qualification of Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) which allows students to pursue employment as a drone pilot. Training begins in Year 9 and completes in Year 10 with the full licence qualification. This licence is offered at a heavily discounted price compared to other companies that conduct training which makes it affordable for all students.

Entry Requirements Years 7-10

There is a simple entry process for the Aviation Specialist Program. Your child will need to complete the Specialist Testing written test and if successful, will be invited to come in for an interview with the Teacher In Charge of the Program. The child will also need to provide evidence of satisfactory academic performance including school reports, and references. Finally, and most importantly, the child needs to demonstrate a genuine interest in Aviation. The staff in charge of the interview process are able to identify these qualities in the applicant.

Flight Training

Aviation students have the opportunity to partake in flying training during school hours, in real aircraft as an option. Flight training rates are heavily discounted as the school has their own flight instructor. Grants and subsidies are available for successful applicants as well.

Come Fly With Me – Primary Extension Program

An eight week ‘taste’ of the Aviation course is available each term for Year 5 and 6 students interested in applying for the program. This program gives young students a fun look inside what it would be like to take part in the Aviation program at Melville Senior High School. The course finishes with students taking to the skies for a flight in a real aircraft with the course teacher. Please note, the course is only available for students to participate in once. As such if a student participates in Year 5, they cannot participate again in Year 6.  For more information, or to apply, please download the form below.

Aviation Testing & Interviews

Enrolment in the Aviation program involves sitting the Specialist Testing Program test at Melville Senior High School when students are in Year 5 and / or 6. This involves an academic test, and depending on the results of the test, an interview in Semester 1. Students in other year groups are welcome to apply to join the program as vacancies can arise throughout the course, however parents and students are to understand the high popularity of this course and as such vacancies are not guaranteed.

Minister’s Aviation Scholarship Win

Congratulations to Luke Yaxley, Year 11, who won the Education Ministers Aviation Scholarship for 2021. The prize was $5,000 which Luke intends to use towards his Private Pilot’s licence. Luke recently achieved his Recreational Pilots Licence which allows him to take passengers. His Private Pilot’s licence will along him to fly and navigate anywhere in Australia.

Luke was a standout entrant according to the three judges on the panel as seen in the picture. This makes two years in a row that Melville SHS has won this award.

Thinking of being an Aerospace Engineer?

Aeronautical engineering or aerospace engineering involves the design and development of aircraft, artificial satellites, spacecraft and high-speed ground transportation systems. Though university requirements may vary, there are aerospace engineering modules with the Aviation Studies course that apply to the field of aeronautical engineering. Physics courses are a crucial element of aeronautical engineering and combined with Mathematics and Science core units, students would be able to attain acceptance into any Australian University offering an Aerospace Engineering degree.

In addition to the core curriculum, students will study aeronautics, principles of flight, rockets, drones, space flight, with associated aspects of engineering and aircraft mechanics. This is further enriched with the year 11 and 12 Aviation program allowing students to focus on contextual studies related to general aviation, including: Advanced aerodynamics, rotary aerodynamics, engines and systems, navigation aids, human physiology and performance in flight, and flight training.

Dean Morris in Year 8 interviewed BEFORE his NASA SpaceCamp opportunity

Dean Morris in Year 8 interviewed AFTER his NASA SpaceCamp opportunity

Information on the Virgin Australia Cadetship Program

MASC is made up of parents, alumni and friends of the program keen to ensure the Aviation Centre remains a world-class educational program. Every year deserving students receive support from MASC in the form of scholarships and flight training subsidies, helping them reach their ultimate goal of becoming a pilot, possibly even before graduating from school or obtaining their driver’s licence. MASC meets twice per term and the dates for these meetings are communicated on our school calendar. For more information please contact the MASC President at masc.aviation@gmail.com