School Board

As an Independent Public School Melville SHS now operates under the governance of a School Board. Appointment to the board is open to a wide cross-section of community representatives along with parents and friends of the school. Appointment is via nomination.

The School Board meets at 6:00 pm once or twice per term and provides financial oversight and advice on strategic direction. The School’s Business Plan and Annual Report are submitted for approval at the School Board’s Annual General Meeting.

Parents & Citizens Committee (P&C)

A vital and much valued member of our school community, the Parents and Citizens Committee provides parents and friends of the school with the opportunity to assist the school in a number of practical and noteworthy ways.

Like the School Board, the P&C meets once or twice per term and assists the school through a dedicated fundraising effort. Through an executive committee and a number of sub-committees, the P&C oversees the operations of the school canteen, the swimming pool and improvements to the school environment along with promotion of the school to the wider community. The P&C also provides financial support to the school’s chaplain and the Local Drug Action Group.

New members are always welcome and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Performing Arts Centre Building Fund

Melville SHS is embarking on an exciting project to build a much needed centre for performing arts, seminars, students awards, parent meetings and much more. The State Government has contributed $4.5 million and we have to now find an extra $ 420,000 to make this a worthy edition to our increasingly beautiful school.. We hope you will complete the form in the link below to contribute to a tax deductible building fund. Hopefully you value this school and the education your child is receiving at such a reasonable price. This building will be used constantly by all students at the school for a huge variety of events so we are hoping you can get behind it.

Please scan form and email to melville.shs@education.wa.edu.au as well as make payment, so the we can send a receipt and have the correct name you would like on the chair.

Other Parent Support Groups

In addition to the School Board and the Parents and Citizens Committee, we have parent support groups that support special programs and and raise much needed funds. These are:

  • Melville Aviation Support Committee – MASC
  • Music Support Group
  • Graphic Design Media Support Group

These groups are extremely dedicated and their foresight and ongoing contribution is valued by all at Melville SHS.

Melville Senior High School Alumni

Since 1960, many students have passed under the jacarandas to attend Melville SHS. We encourage participation in the Melville SHS Alumni as a way of maintaining and growing your future networks. From time to time our alumni are called upon to provide insight into their professional lives so that current students benefit from their experience. Reunions and networking events are held throughout the year, coordinated by individual year groups. The Facebook page for the Melville Senior High School Alumni is HERE. There are hundreds of old photos and you may find contacts from your era and information about reunions.

Otherwise please contact Melville SHS at melville.shs@education.wa.edu.au or on 6274 1300 should you be interested in gaining additional information regarding any of our community groups.

Information on reunion dates is below. Please contact us if you are interested in helping coordinate an event or would like to be invited to an upcoming reunion.

Help needed to coordinate: