About the Program

Melville Senior High School’s Gifted and Talented Selective Entrance Program is an academic program where selected students study an extended and enriched curriculum of Mathematics, Science, Humanities and English (MESH) together as a unified group from Years 7-10. This model provides a successful environment that encourages teamwork, motivation and engagement among Melville SHS’s Gifted and Talented students.

In addition, Melville SHS’s Gifted and Talented program provides opportunities outside the classroom that engage with universities, organisations, and competitions. Melville SHS Gifted and Talented students are challenged to work to their full capacity, while encouraged to experiment and use concepts that drive ‘out of the box thinking’ and not be afraid to make mistakes.

In Years 11 and 12, Gifted and Talented students’ progress is tracked and monitored while opportunities and engagement with an array of universities are provided that prepare them for their chosen pathway after high school.

Articles and examples of Gifted and Talented activities in action can be viewed on the News section of the website here under the titles ‘A Talented Bulletin’.

At Melville Senior High School, our Gifted and Talented Education Team understand the need to challenge students and are always looking for innovative ways to engage the gifted learner. A team approach is adopted in order to support your child’s learning requirements. Through dialogues with parents and professional colleagues, alternate pathways are sought and developed for the individual’s needs, and can consist of a combination of academic and practical pathways. This collaborative approach is used to offer challenging and engaging learning opportunities, including differential extension programs for individuals within the class, as deemed necessary.

Parent Information Handbook

Specific information on the Gifted & Talented program as offered at Melville Senior High School

Application Dates

Applications for 2024 are NOW OPEN

To apply please click here.

Key Dates and Guidelines

For more information on the 2024 intake

please click here.

About the Subjects

  • Extended curriculum with depth and breadth to other subject areas to build confidence and explore thinking processes. Students gifted in maths are prepared for Methods and Specialist Mathematics.
  • Exclusive participation in various competitions and events: Numero, MATHS Empowering Girls Day, Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), Have Sum Fun Event, Murdoch Careers Incursions, Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge.
  • Nurturing specific areas of giftedness such as critical reading, understanding of social issues and writing creatively in distinct genres. Students are also extended and prepared for a Literature pathway in senior school.
  • Exclusive participation in Book in a Day Event, Future Problem Solving (FPS) International Writing Competition, and Writing Workshops held at Murdoch and Curtin University.
  • Selected students in a variety of national writing competitions and receive support from specialist teachers.
  • Extended curriculum and enriched opportunities that foster engagement and love of the subject, while engaging in practical science activities, such as coding, robotics and engineering.
  • Exclusive participation in Big Science Competition, National Science Quiz (RACI), Big Science at Murdoch University, Seek Out Science Workshops with Murdoch University, Scitech Incursions, WISE Women Murdoch Excursion.
  • Nurturing and developing analytical skills in history and interpretation of data using real-life problem-solving and mitigation.
  • Extended and prepared for studying Humanities ATAR (Economics, Modern History, Geography, Politics and Law, Accounting, Psychology).

Information on Applying

Applications for the Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Program 2024 are now open. To express your interest, please click here.

Applications and testing take place when your child is in Year 6. After applying, your child must sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) in Year 6. This is organised by the Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Selective Unit (GTSU) and Melville SHS is a regular testing venue.

Successful applicants will then have a choice of Gifted and Talented Selective Schools. Students may attend a school of choice, even if not in the local intake area. More information on the test can be viewed in the Parent Presentation to learn about the Gifted and Talented application and selection process.

The offer process is explained in the following video: How the offers process works – Gifted and Talented program – YouTube

For further information on schools and programs, application guidelines and key dates and timelines see the Gifted and Talented website link above.

Top Up Testing

Year 6 is not the only time to apply for the Gifted and Talented Program. Students may apply to enter the program in later years (entering Years 9, 10 and 11), by enrolling for Top Up Testing. This is held every year at Melville SHS and selected venues.

For further information, contact the Gifting and Talented Program Coordinator on 6274 1300.