About the Program

The Gifted and Talented Selective Entrance Program offered at Melville Senior High School is an academic program where the selected students study Mathematics, Science, Humanities and English together as a unified group from Years 7-10. This model has proven to be successful in cultivating a culture of genuine teamwork, peer support, high-level motivation and encouragement among Melville SHS’s Gifted and Talented students.

In Years 11 and 12 Melville Senior High School’s Gifted and Talented students join mainstream classes due to the range of subject selection options offered to students. However, students continue to be supported by staff and peers through such programs through after-school tutoring and engagement with an array of university experiences.

At Melville Senior High School, our Gifted and Talented Education Team understand the need to challenge students and are always looking for innovative ways to engage the gifted learner. A team approach is adopted in order to support your child’s learning requirements. Through dialogues with parents and professional colleagues, alternate pathways are sought and developed for the individual’s needs, and can consist of a combination of academic and practical pathways. This collaborative approach is used to offer challenging and engaging learning opportunities, including differential extension programs for individuals within the class, as deemed necessary.

Applications for 2022 are now Open

Information on the Gifted and Talented
Program for 2022 intake is  HERE

Key Dates and Guidelines

Key dates and guidelines
for the 2022intake are   HERE

Expressions of Interest for Year 7 in 2022

Expressions of Interest for the Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Program 2022 are now open. Please click here to register your interest.

Programs are in the areas of Academic, Arts and Languages and are offered at select public secondary schools. Demand for these programs is strong and entry is competitive. All placements will be made on the basis of individual performance in program-specific testing and assessments, including the Academic Selective Entrance Test. Testing will take place when your child is in Year 6.

Further information on schools and programs, application guidelines and key dates and timelines are available at the Gifted and Talented website.

It is important to note that successful applicants are able to attend their school of choice, even though they may not live in that school’s local intake area.

Parent Information

In choosing Melville Senior High School’s Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Program for your child, you will be joining a school community that is committed to ensuring your son or daughter is on a pathway to success at secondary school and beyond.

Top Up Testing

Students applying for Top Up Testing for other years (entering Years 9, 10 and 11) are required to be in the year level prior to the year level for which they are applying when they sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test. For example, a child in Year 8 can only sit the testing for entry to Year 9. Information is in the link above under Places for Year 9, 10 and 11 on the left.

For further information, contact the Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator on 6274 1300.

Gifted Examples

Students in the Gifted & Talented Program are always being extended in their studies, leading to a very high standard of word produced. There has been a recent push in developing the Gifted & Talented student voice and as such, the students are regularly writing news articles about what they have been doing in their classes. These articles can be viewed on the News section of the website here under the titles ‘A Talented Bulletin’.

Information on Past Graduates

Melville Senior High school achieved outstanding academic success with our Year 12 graduating class, both at the individual student level and as a cohort. The following is a snapshot of achievements: