Third-party Service Providers 

Melville SHS uses a range of Third-party service providers for applications with students. In alignment with the Department of Education Students Online in Public School Policy, the school must seek permission for students to access network services and notify parents of applications likely to be used. See the button below to view Melville SHS Third-party service provider document.

The Department undertakes a rigorous risk assessment process to assess privacy and security status. Applications are ranked as requiring notification, bundled or explicit consent. The applications ranked as bundled or explicit consent require permission and the school has commenced this process.

The permission process is in two steps:

Step 1 – parents will receive an email with a link to an online form to grant permission for their child to access the school network services.

Step 2  – parents will receive an email with a link to a form to grant consent for students to access third-party applications.

Any questions regarding this process can be directed to Head of Technologies, ICT and STEM Learning Mrs Deirdre Lewis at

About the ICT Program

Melville Senior High School supports the philosophy of using ICT based pedagogy and approved technologies to support the teaching and learning program in the school. Melville Senior High School allows staff, students and parents access the school network to use online services for educational purposes with school owned resources and approved personally owned devices according to our Digital Device Policy . Graphic Design Media students are required to bring a MacBook and will be advised separately.

The approved personally owned student digital device must:

  • Be an up-to-date iPad or MacBook
  • Be able to receive IOS or MacOS updates to maintain its security status
  • Have a strong protective case with a keyboard

An iTunes account is required to access the App store to install recommended Apps. A list of  recommended Apps is here:

Your Device

A list of the current recommended models is available through the link to Winthrop Australia. However, the iPad/MacBook can be purchased from the supplier of your choice. Mobile phones are not approved devices and students should not connect mobile phones to the school Wi-Fi at any time.

Click on the button below to access Winthrop Australia portal. All bundles include extended warranty and some include accidental damage coverage.

Enter password #melville2020 to access the Winthrop Australia portal.

A Digital Device Policy Agreement must be signed by all parents and students on enrolment and whenever the device is updated. The form is available on the button below.

Please read the Digital Device Policy with your child and complete the details on the last page and return to the school front office in the drop box provided.

Mobile Phone Policy

Please note: Starting from Term 1 2020 Melville SHS will be changing our mobile phone policy to be in line with the new State Government initiative for 2020.

If your child has a mobile phone, please read the Mobile Phone Policy with your child to ensure they understand the appropriate use for mobile phones during school hours.

If you require further information on this initiative please contact Ms Deirdre Lewis, on 6274 1300.