Aviation Student Awarded RSL WA Cadet of the Year


THE Melville Senior High School Specialist Aviation Program has keen cohorts of students flying solo before they finish school. Year 12 Aviation student Stuart Archibald from Attadale is one such aspirant, who is keen to join the Qantas Pilot Academy.

Stuart was recently awarded RSL WA Cadet of the Year as a Cadet Warrant Officer within the Australian Air Force Cadets at City of Fremantle 703 Squadron, based at Leeuwin Barracks.

Students apply to join the Aviation Specialist program by sitting an exam in either Years 5 or 6 and start learning Aviation from day one at high school.

Many of the students have their solo licence by Year 10, well before they have their learners permit for a drivers licence.

Randall Brink is the Aviation teacher-in-charge and one of two commercial pilots at the school.

“The program is quite academically challenging but keen students with the right attitude relish the challenge,” he said.

The school’s alumni include many helicopter, air force and airline pilots as well as students at university who have used their pilot licence to great financial benefit.

These pilots often return to the school to inspire the next generation.