Language Students Soaring High!


Do you remember seeing news earlier in the term on our social media channels of Year 11 ATAR Chinese Second Language Student, Ruby Nguyen, winning 1st Prize in the Australian National Chinese Bridge Competition? In week 9 Ruby was awarded her grand prize… a BRAND NEW Apple Macbook Pro! Ruby was extremely excited and is looking forward to hopefully being able to compete in the Global Competition taking place in China (travel permitting).

Ruby isn’t the only prize winner that the subject of Chinese has seen recently, the students in the photo below also took place in the State Chinese Writing and Mandarin Speaking Competition. This group of students has a first, second, third and fifth place between them, as well as x2 certificates of Excellence.

Congratulations to all students for these fantastic achievements recently, and well done to their very dedicated Chinese Language Teachers, Mrs Stephanie Wignell and Ms Hua Li for their ongoing support and dedication to the students.