Year 9 Gold Certificate Success


Today Melville SHS planned to host the annual High Achievers Assembly. This assembly celebrates the successes of 2021, including the ATAR and General successes of the Year 12 class just graduated, and the outstanding results of students across all year groups in the second semester of last year. Due to COVID19 circumstances, the school was unable to host this assembly today, however, that did not limit the celebrations!

The following students from Year 9 (Year 8 in 2021) were celebrated today by Deputy Principal of Middle School, Ms Samantha Steel, Deputy Principal of Student Services, Mr Bradley Spicer, and Head of Years 8 & 9, Mr Basile. These students achieved a grade point average (GPA) of 4.6 and above. Maintaining such outstanding results takes dedication, enthusiasm and excellence. Well done students.

Gold certificate winners:

Philip Aby Emmanuel
Abigail Barrett
Hannah Barrett
Emma Collette
Christopher Elijah Dizon
Farah Marcellus
Alicia Scammell
Felix Lumb
Medhansh Agarwal
Asher Collins
Holly Gillies
Mia Graham
Poppy Jurss
Adie McGrath
Jack Ryan
Beatrice Walker
Thu Thu Zin
Alexander Pitt
Tyson Bartlett