Aviation Win

Aviation, Competition

In week 3, Year 11 Aviation student Xavier O’Brien won the Air Australia WA Timed Descent Challenge. It was Xavier’s first time in the particular aircraft and he managed a four-minute descent.

The race day was held for flyers and non-flyers by flight training provider Air Australia. Melville SHS students regularly enter the races so they can become engaged with the flight community and become immersed in aviation.

Participants did not need to have had any flight training, as they were accompanied by a qualified flight instructor. As this race was basically a time trial over a pre-organised race course, their aim was to do achieve the quickest time. Participants do take the controls in the race with the help of the instructor.

Xavier’s prize was a full sized metal aircraft propeller. Xavier starts his flying training soon with Mr Brink, so he is off to a great start.