Gifted and Talented Graduates: The 95 Club

Gifted and Talented Graduates: Where are They Now?

As a STEM school, Melville SHS has a proud tradition of encouraging STEM studies and Careers for its students. The following 95 Club students have chosen to pursue STEM careers:

  • Gifted and Talented (GAT) student Jerry Hou (99.25) – Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science at UWA.
  • Karl Santos (98.15) – Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at UWA.
  • Dong Ting Chen (97.90) – Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, where offers will be announced in July.
  • GAT student Aasmik Arora (97.60) – Assured Pathway Entry into Medicine.
  • GAT student Gladys Heu (97.50) – Computer Science at an interstate University.
  • GAT student Syed Aljunied (96.60) – Bachelor of Science (Medical Radiation Science) at Curtin University.
  • GAT student Arjun Mungekar (96.45) – Engineering (Honours) at UWA.
  • Qian Siew (96.30) – Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics and Master of Teaching (Secondary) at UWA.
  • Chuan Yao Kuan (95.50) – Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) at UWA.

Congratulations to these students on your fantastic results.


Applications for the Gifted and Talented Program are open and will close on 12 February.

To apply to the program, follow the application link by clicking here.