Class of 2022 ATAR Success


Congratulations to the Melville SHS 2022 graduates who did exceptionally well in their exams and qualifications.

Our graduating class achieved outstanding academic success both collectively and individually. The following is a snapshot of these collective and individual achievements.

  • Melville SHS had 100% WACE achievement for its Year 12 cohort.
  • Melville SHS’s median ATAR for eligible students was 85.75. This is the highest the school has achieved and four points higher than the state average and like schools.
  • Maddison Taplin (99.35) received a SCSA General Exhibition Award for achieving an ATAR score in the Top 50 ATAR students in Western Australia.
  • Two students achieved an ATAR over 99: Maddison Taplin (99.35) and Chenjun (Jerry) Hou (99.25). This places them in the top 1% of the state (public and private) and earns entry into the Melville SHS highly exclusive ‘99 Club’.
  • An additional ten students achieved an ATAR between 95 – 98.9 and gained entry into the Melville SHS ‘95 Club’. These students were: Cheng Yuan (Jeckmen) Wu (98.75), Karl Santos (98.15), Dong Ting Chen (97.90), Aasmik Arora (97.60), Gladys Heu (97.50), Om Sharma (97.45), Syed Aljunied (96.60), Arjun Mungekar (96.45), Qian Siew (96.30), and Chuan Yao (Felix) Kuan (95.50).
  • Maddison Taplin (Health Studies) and Karl Santos (English as an Additional Language) both received Subject Exhibition awards for achieving the highest mark in the state for a particular course.
  • Five students received subject Certificates of Excellence for achieving in the top 0.5% of students across the state in an ATAR course. These students include Benjamin Baumann (English), Gladys Heu (English), Karl Santos (English as an Additional Dialect), and Maddison Taplin (Health Studies and Mathematics Application).
  • Seven students received a state-wide Certificate of Distinction, and 22 students received a Certificate of Merit for receiving 190 – 200 or 150 – 189 points respectively, across 20 units of study completed at school over two years.
  • Gladys Heu and Amy Gu have both had their artwork accepted into the Pulse Perspectives Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, which showcases the best Year 12 artworks of 2022.
  • Two students have been offered places to study Bachelor of Philosophy at UWA.
  • 100% of students achieved their Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).
  • 100% of participating students completed their Certificate II, III, and/or IV.
  • Based on students achieving in the top 15% of the state, Melville SHS was identified as a ‘top-performing school’ in English as an Additional Language and Health Studies.
  • ATAR courses where students scored above the state mean were: Accounting and Finance; Biology; Chemistry; Chinese First Language; Chinese Second Language; Design; Economics; English; English as an Additional Language; Geography; Health Studies; Human Biology; Mathematics Applications; Mathematics Methods; Mathematics Specialist; Modern History; Physics; Physical Education Studies; Politics and Law; and Visual Arts.
  • Isabella Amey was a finalist for the Western Australian Training Awards School-Based Apprentice of the Year.
  • ATAR Performance Summary:
    • 3% of our students achieved an ATAR of 99+ (i.e. in the top 1% of the state)
    • 18% of our students achieved an ATAR of 95+ (i.e. in the top 5% of the state)
    • 36% of our students achieved an ATAR of 90+ (i.e. in the top 10% of the state)
    • 60% of our students achieved an ATAR of 80+ (i.e. in the top 20% of the state)
    • 77% of our students achieved an ATAR of 70+ (i.e. in the top 30% of the state
    • 88% of our students achieved an ATAR of 55+ (i.e. in the top 45% of the state)

99 and 95 Clubs

Congratulations to Maddison Taplin and Chenjun (Jerry) Hou (pictured below), who join the Melville SHS ‘99 Club. Maddison (99.35) will take a gap year, travel around Europe, and do humanitarian aid work in developing countries. She has been offered a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) program position at UWA and will decide on this in 2024.

Jerry (99.25) Hou topped the Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics Specialist class and has been accepted into Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science at UWA. Jerry was part of the school’s Gifted and Talented (GAT) Academic program.

A record 12 students joined our ’95 Club in 2022.


Melville SHS has had a record of encouraging STEM courses, and many students are continuing their studies in STEM careers.

  • Karl Santos (98.15) has received an early offer to a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at UWA.
  • Dong Ting Chen (97.90) is going to have a gap year and has applied to study Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, where offers will be announced in July.
  • Aasmik Arora (97.60) has received an Assured Pathway Entry into Medicine and will start with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at UWA.
  • Gladys Heu (97.50) is going to study Computer Science interstate.
  • Syed Aljunied (96.60) is going to study for a Bachelor of Science (Medical Radiation Science) in Medical Imaging at Curtin University.
  • Arjun Mungekar (96.45) received an early offer to study Engineering (Honours) at UWA.
  • Qian Siew (96.30) received an early offer to study a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at UWA, where she will be majoring in Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Chuan Yao (Felix) Kuan (95.50) will also study a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) at UWA.

Arts Achievers

Cheng Yuan (Jeckmen) Wu (98.75) has been offered a place in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course at UWA, but he plans to take a gap year to work and explore his passions. He also has a pending application for Stanford University, and if successful, he is likely to study in the US starting around September.

Former GAT student and School Captain Om Sharma (97.4) is considering an early offer from UWA in Media and Communications.

Multi-talented Gladys Heu (97.50) and Amy Gu have both had their artwork accepted into the Art Gallery of Western Australia Pulse Perspectives Exhibition. This is a showcase of the best Year 12 artworks in WA.