Have Sum Fun!

In Weeks 6 and  7 of Term 1, keen teams of students participated in the Have Sum Fun Interschool Mathematics competitions. Melville SHS performed amazingly in each of the three competitions held across different evenings. Each team was made up of six students and selection was made purely on student eagerness to participate. The competition is made up of four 20 minute rounds of eight problem-solving questions.

The Years 11/12 team was made up of five Year 11 students and one Year 10 student. This team scored 26 points out of a possible 32 coming third place overall! An amazing result as our students were competing against at least 15 other teams from public and private schools, and doing so without any Year 12 students on the team.

The Years 9/10 team achieved 26 points out of a possible 32, achieving sixth place out of 33 teams.

The  Years 7/8s had four teams. Whilst we did not place in the top four, it was wonderful to hear that we had the best-behaved students on the night and great to see the large participation rate of students. We look forward to seeing these students participate in many competitions in the future.