ATAR Awards and Exhibition


Congratulations to Esther Tan who received a Subject Exhibition in Health Studies by achieving the highest examination mark in the subject. The school has a very strong Health and Physical Education program, and this is the fifth year in a row that Melville SHS has won this Subject Exhibition for Health Studies. Esther was a part of our Gifted and Talented program and received 98.4 in her ATAR exams. She plans on furthering her interest in Health by studying Pharmacy at UWA.  Congratulations must thus also go to the popular Ms Kylee Coonan who, with her team, encourage students to study and stay the best they can be in Health.

Krishnan Harisheni (97) received a Subject Certificate of Excellence for English (top 0.5% of students in the State) and said about her English teacher and Gifted and Talented Coordinator: “Shout out to Mr Pearce for making English (the subject that I was barely passing) to the one that was my second top, you’re the best”.

Eunice Tan (99.7) received a Subject Certificate of Excellence for Mathematics Applications. Eunice now has a Direct Pathway to Medicine at UWA.

Pictured are some of the members of our 99 and 95 Club who recently visited the school.