Music Passion Leads to WAPPA Offers

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Congratulations to Gifted and Talented student Kobi Simpson and Shaniqa Ratnasingam who have been accepted into WAAPA (WA Academy of Performing Arts).

Kobi is going to study Jazz piano is keen to have a career in performing and writing music. Shaniqa (ATAR 93.56) is going to study classical saxophone and hopes to use her degree to travel the world to study under other performers and teach music. She would love to one day join an orchestra.

Both students said they were strongly encouraged and inspired by teachers Ms Ana Milas and Mr Lachlan Brooks-Crew.

They showed their full talent in performances last year and are part of a larger Melville SHS alumni group who are following their musical dreams. Other music achievers have been:

2014 Morgan Remaj (Classical Guitar)
2015 Max Wickham (Jazz)
2015 Sean Hayes (Classical)
2015 Oliver Toole (Contemporary)
2016 Cosmo Batley (Classical Piano)
2017 James Calvert (Classical Sax)

The Performing Arts Centre build will give even better opportunities to our current performing arts students.