Student Council 2021


Earlier in the term, applications for 2021 Student Council positions were opened and, much like all other engagements on offer at Melville, were welcomed with enthusiasm.

The two positions in high demand on the student council are Head Boy and Head Girl. These students attend school board meetings and are included as part of school decision making. They serve as a voice for their peers.

Despite the disruptions of 2020, the applicants for 2021 Head Boy and Head Girl were outstanding. These students have all shown exceptional dedication to not only their academic schooling, but on a whole generating a sense of community throughout the difficult year. During the interview process all applicants expressed their excitement for the year ahead.

After a strong candidate pool and undergoing interview process, the Head Boy for 2021 is Parham Bahrami and the Head Girl is Emma Beros. Both of these students have served on the student council in previous years of their schooling and show fantastic enthusiasm and leadership capabilities in all things Melville.

Head Boy, Parham stated that “I’m looking forward to making changes based on the fantastic work the 2020 student council has done in the past year, it’s going to be a lot of fun coming up with new initiatives but we have big shoes to fill”. Head Girl, Emma agreed and also stated that she is “looking forward to turning our committee into a community”. Both students were agreeable in saying that they were looking forward to engaging the school – in particular their fellow Year 12s – in an exciting 2021 given the “strange” experience of Year 11 they have had.

Due to the strength of candidates this year, the selection committee had no choice but to give all the applicants a position of leadership within the school. The first appointment was to create a new role and name Jacalyn Harris as Student STEM Ambassador. As the school continues to exceed in STEM competitions, it makes sense to include a student voice. Jacalyn stated that “I’m really excited about the new position, and even more excited I get to be the first in this role!”.

Jacalyn will be working closely with newly appointed STEM and Technologies Coordinator, Mrs Dee Lewis to take STEM at Melville Senior High School to a new level of exceptional.

Fellow applicants, Zaq Zaquan and Aarthi Pariol Parambil Ajith, have been appointed to the school’s newly developed Harmony Committee. A student body set up to highlight inclusivity and cultural harmony across the school, and the wider Melville community.

This years Head Boy and Head Girl in Dean Morris and Ashley Mclntyre have done an exceptional job in leading the school through some unprecedented circumstances and as such, left big shoes to fill. Thank you to Dean and Ashley for all your dedication and leadership throughout 2020, and congratulations to the newly appointed student council members.