Third Annual Melville SHS Primary School Matinee

On Wednesday, 21 June 2023, five of our Melville SHS local feeder Primary Schools joined to celebrate Arts Week by attending the third annual Melville SHS Primary School Performing Arts Matinee. The Matinee Performances took place as two shows, featuring five dance items and a drama skit, followed by five music ensemble pieces.

The Primary School students were dazzled by the outstanding dance performances, featuring students from Years 7-12 and included contemporary dance styles and hip-hop performances.

These performances were:

  • Year 11/12 ‘ABBA Tribute’
  • Year 9 ‘Too Darn Hot’
  • Year 10 ‘Cellophane’
  • Year 7 ‘Intergalactic’
  • Year 11/12 ‘Level Up’

Following the outstanding dance performances was a highly entertaining drama skit, titled ‘Soldiers’ performed by students studying Certificate II Creative Industries. This slapstick routine had everyone in the audience (students and teachers alike!) laughing.

The second half of the performance featured the fantastic Music in Focus students, IMSS ensembles and of course – the school Swing Band!

These performances were:

  •  Melville Vox ‘Water Under The Bridge’ – Adele
  • Junior Classical Guitar Ensemble ‘Norwegian Wood’ – Lennon/ McCartney
  • Senior Contemporary Guitar Ensemble ‘Feeding the Family’ – Spacey Jane
  • Year 10 Music in Focus Band ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  • Swing Band ‘Blue Sky’ – Quail

Across the two sessions, over 500 Primary School students were left toe-tapping and dancing out of the Performing Arts Centre.

Well done to the incredibly talented performers at Melville SHS in the Arts Learning Area and of course, their exceptionally dedicated teachers!