The results for the Future Problem Solving International competition have just been released. Not only is Zak the Australian national champion for 2019, he has been awarded 5th place in the WORLD – a massive achievement! Zak is the ONLY non-American to earn a place in the Senior division and he was only in Term 1 of Year 10 for a division that goes up to 18 years of age. This is a huge achievement for a story Zak wrote in a single session of English class when we really knew very little about this massive competition which has 250,000 competitors across the globe.

Zak now has another invite to the international competition for 2020. Another trophy will be coming Zak’s way (quite a large one we believe!) and his story will be published by FPSI and go all round the world.

Zak’s English teacher, Ms Tammara Yeo, said that she was ‘devastated that coronavirus has prevented Zak from travelling to the US in person when he really, really deserves to go, but the competition has moved online and will take place in early June. Who knows what accolades he may win for that!’

We are pleased to announce the 2020 International Scenario Writing Competition Champions. This year’s scenario entries were of outstanding quality, and we hope you will join us in congratulating the winners.

Senior Division:

1st Place: Kaitlyn Guanci of Illinois

2nd Place: Kaiza Haque of Minnesota

3rd Place: Emily Feng of Washington

4th Place: Alexis Papavasilou of Massachusetts

5th Place: Zachary Alpers of Australia

6th Place: Elise Caitlin Nass of New Jersey

7th Place: Jocelyn Ting of Texas

8th Place: Ethan Chang of California

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